Cont. - O&M Dashboard

Operations & Maintenance

O&M Manhole

  • Manhole Inspection
  • Labor Cost
  • Manhole and Booked Hours

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O&M Pump Station Revamp

Count Pump Stations Revamp by Year

  • Line Graph
  • Bar Graph

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O&M Reclaimed

  • Total Reclaimed Produced in Million Gallons Per Day (MGD)
  • Reclaimed Flow to 4G Ranch in Million Gallon Per Day (MGD)

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O&M Reservoir Level

  • Land O Lakes Reservoir Average Level
  • Boyette Reservoir Average

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O&M Safety Training

  • Incidents
    • Incidents by Category, Subcategory, and Year
  • Incidents by Month
    • Incidents by Month and Category
  • Training
    • Attendees by Class and Year
  • Training by Month
    • Attendees by Month and Class

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