Temporary Hydrant Meter

Hydrant meters available for temporary use

Hydrant meters may be available to provide service for up to six months to construction sites or other locations where temporary water service is needed. No private meters or direct access may be connected to Pasco County’s water hydrants or other water distribution equipment.

Examples where use of a temporary meter may be used include:

  • Construction
  • Demolition
  • Dust control
  • Landscape installation/establishment (Hose or spray truck use only; no hard piping permitted.)
  • Christmas tree vending locations
  • Swimming pool filling
  • Emergency water system inter-tie (requires administrative approval)

To request a portable water meter, submit a hydrant meter application and pay associated hydrant meter fees

Unauthorized hydrant use is illegalHydrant Water Theft showing the hydrant with illegal hose hook-ups from an aerial angle.

Pasco County has a "Zero-Tolerance Policy" for unauthorized hydrant use or other forms of water theft.

At locations where unauthorized hydrant use or theft is identified, any equipment added to the County’s water hydrants or other distribution system equipment will be removed.  At locations where other forms of tampering are identified, corrective measures will be taken. All instances of theft or tampering may result in citations with fines of up to $500 plus restitution, for each and every occurrence.

Unauthorized hydrant use or water theft includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Any usage of unmetered water, including using unmetered water from hydrants for any purpose other than firefighting, testing, or flushing of hydrants.
  • Moving the meter or extending service without the permission of Pasco County Utilities. 
  • Bypassing meters in any way. 
  • Removing, disabling, or adjusting meter registers.
  • Use of fire suppression sprinkler water service for any purpose other than fire suppression.
  • Opening valves at the curb or meter that have been turned off by utility personnel.
  • Breaking, picking, damaging, or cutting off locks.
  • Any intentional blockage or obstruction of utility equipment.

Please report hydrant tampering, open hydrants, or other forms of water theft by using the online reporting form, calling the Utilities Code Enforcement Officer at (813) 235-6012,  Ext. 1935, or by mail to the Pasco County Utilities Administration Building, attention: Utilities Code Enforcement, at 19420 Central Boulevard Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637.

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