Pet Safety Net Program

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Pasco County Animal Services is dedicated to preserving the bond between people and pets in our community. We strive to keep pets with their families — and out of animal shelters — whenever possible. We offer a variety of programs and services to Pasco County residents who may have fallen on hard times and need temporary assistance.

Our Pet Safety Net program is made possible through our partnership with Human Animal Support Services as a Tier 1 shelter. If you would like to donate toward the Pet Safety Net program, please contact Friends of Animal Services.

These services are free to use, but may have limited availability and require prior approval. Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following programs. Pasco County Animal Services reserves the right to decline service to any applicant.

If, after exhausting these options, you decide you must rehome your pet, please check out our Pet Rehoming Resources page.


Moving is stressful enough without worrying about what to do with your pet. We can board your animal for up to 14 days while you secure a place for you and your furry friend. We will also provide all required vaccinations if your pet is not up-to-date.

Free Microchip Events

Microchips help us to more quickly reunite lost pets with their families. We plan to hold free drive-thru events on a quarterly basis throughout Pasco County. Please follow our website and social media accounts for updates.

Medical Services

Unexpected veterinary costs can place a major burden on a pet owner. We can provide one-time medical services including, but not limited to, certain surgeries. Unfortunately, we cannot provide diagnostics or treat chronic issues.

Pet Food Bank

Our pet food bank is offered twice a month through our partnership with CUDDLY. Food may be provided for up to six times per calendar year. For more information, visit our Pet Food Bank page.

Spay and Neuter in Pasco

Known as SNIP, this low-cost service is based on household income. Spaying and neutering helps to reduce pet overpopulation and offers health benefits to the animal. To see if you qualify and fill out an application, visit our SNIP page.

Vaccine and Microchip Clinics

Our vaccine and microchip clinics are held twice a week in our Adoption Center. We offer affordable services ranging from vaccines and microchips to tests and exams to parasite protection. View a full list of services and make an appointment on our Clinics page.