Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

Strategic Plan Cover

The Pasco Board of County Commissioners is pleased to present our 2022-2025 Pasco County Strategic Plan.  The plan, developed over 18 months with input and suggestions from team members and external customers, will guide Pasco County Government’s actions and activities over the next four years. We are determined to continually work toward becoming Florida’s Premier County.  Scroll down to see the four focus areas and supporting goals that frame the work we do.

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  1. Goal 1.1
  2. Goal 1.2
  3. Goal 1.3
  4. Goal 1.4
goal 1-1

Abate flood impacts on life and property.  

Strategies to Achieve Goal 1.1

  1. Promote and participate in the National Flood Insurance Program.
  2. Manage current and future watershed conditions by maintaining a proactive maintenance and rehabilitation program as well as a capital improvement program through the Stormwater Master Plan and rate-assessment process.
  3. Limit floodplain encroachment through adherence to and enforcement of the Land Development Code and Comprehensive Plan requirements.
  4. Enhance identification and mitigation of vulnerable assets by performing a countywide vulnerability assessment, implementing a Resiliency Action Plan and integrating findings with the Local Mitigation Strategy


  1. Goal 2.1
  2. Goal 2.2
  3. Goal 2.3
  4. Goal 2.4
Goal 2-1

Improve public safety response and service delivery capabilities to increase resiliency in our rapidly-growing community.

Strategies to Achieve Goal 2.1

  1. Prepare for, pursue, achieve and maintain local, regional and national accreditations, while ensuring each division supports accreditation-based risk assessments and accreditation standards.
  2. Increase public education and public information outreach to provide actionable information to our citizens during emergencies and recoveries and to ensure swift and efficient services are provided to our citizens and visitors of Pasco County.
  3. Protect life, property and the environment from the effects of fire, medical emergencies, disasters and hazardous materials accidents to current and expanding service delivery areas.
  4. Increase E-911 staffing to ensure call takers are available to answer incoming 911 calls following International Academies of Emergency Dispatch protocols, while implementing a consistent and comprehensive training program.
  5. Evolve and support each department’s mission to ensure intact buildings and property rights of citizenship through a valid building code and fire safety inspection process.
  6. Ensure adequate training, available resources and current technology to effectively respond to, mitigate and recover from any local, state or national event that Pasco County may be requested to respond to.
  7. Update the county’s Post Disaster Redevelopment Plan every 5 years.


  1. Goal 3.1
  2. Goal 3.2
  3. Goal 3.3
  4. Goal 3.4
Goal 3-1

Employ sound financial management practices leading to sustainable fiscal decision-making.

Strategies to Achieve Goal 3.1

  1. Maintain operating reserve targets across funds identified in the Financial Policies.
  2. Adopt financial management policies and best practices and update on a regular basis.
  3. Provide budget versus actual revenue and expenditure status information to the Pasco Board of Commissioners periodically for identified funds.
  4. Reduce the variance in projected versus actual revenue.


  1. Goal 4.1
  2. Goal 4.2
  3. Goal 4.3
  4. Goal 4.4
Goal 4-1

Deliver services that exceed customer expectations in a manner that builds trust, inspires confidence and promotes accountability.

Strategies to Achieve Goal 4.1

  1. Optimize the customer experience utilizing intuitive, customer-centric approaches to achieve exceptional outcomes and satisfaction in every program and service.
  2. Consistently collect, analyze and use data to drive new ways to reach our customers and enhance existing services.
  3. Optimize service delivery across all areas of the business to ensure, enhance and grow service delivery quality to customers.
  4. Standardize and centralize communications efforts of all media to ensure consistent, valuable messaging to customers.

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