Assessment Search

Pasco County Utilities Assessment Search Services

Title companies and closing agents will be charged a fee of $9 per assessment search submitted. The assessment search fee covers assessment search services for water, sewer, reclaimed water, and commercial solid waste services at a specific property.  Assessments are designed to protect property owners who are taking on new loans or refinancing. View the assessment search request form

The $9 fee for each Utilities Assessment Search was established through the Utility Rate Study and helps to offset associated costs, including staff and equipment.  Only one assessment may be submitted per email. Verifying or providing information on whether a customer is on well and/or septic is not provided. 

Please allow up to five business days for each assessment search. Billing statements will reflect assessment searches submitted the month prior and should be received the first week of the following month. Any unpaid bills will result in a suspension of service provided. View all payment options available. 

A title search should include checking for unpaid assessments. Overlooking an assessment could be detrimental, as any unpaid assessments will be levied against a parcel and are subject to penalties and lien activity. A thorough search, before closing, reduces additional costs after the closing.