Pasco County Public Transportation (PCPT) is committed to the effective and efficient management and delivery of public, specialized, and coordinated transportation services in Pasco County. It is the continuing pursuit of PCPT to ensure that these services meet the mobility needs of Pasco County residents and visitors in terms of:

  • Accessibility
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Professionalism
  • Quality of Service
  • Reliability
  • Safety & Security


PCPT presently operates a fixed-route transit system in Pasco County with service in East Pasco covering the area from Zephyrhills in the south to Lacoochee in the north. In West Pasco, the service is provided in the northwest area at Denton Avenue in Hudson, eastward to Little Road, and south to Tarpon Springs where there are two connections with the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority. PCPT has 16 fixed-route transit buses on nine routes, which include two routes traveling into Northern Pinellas County. Demand response service is also provided to the qualified and registered mobility impaired and the transportation disadvantaged through the PCPT paratransit service. During Fiscal Year 2008-09, PCPT, along with its contracted operators and coordinated system providers, transported 1,112,392 passengers. The PCPT administrative office is located in Port Richey with a satellite operations office in San Antonio. PCPT reports to the Pasco County Board of County Commissioners and is a Division of the Community Services Department. In addition to passenger fares, funding for PCPT is obtained through county ad valorem taxes, as well as state and federal grants.


In the event of a natural disaster, PCPT is designated as Emergency Support Function for the Mass Evacuation Incident Annex. The primary mission of PCPT is to coordinate the evacuation efforts with participating/available public and commercial transportation providers to ensure persons that desire or require evacuation are transported in a safe and expeditious manner to the nearest appropriate designated shelter. The transportation evacuation function will serve both ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons in the designated or declared evacuation zones. Support will be provided as directed during voluntary and mandatory evacuations. Mandatory evacuation zones will receive priority support in terms of allocation and assignment of transportation resources.


  • Coordination of emergency transportation assistance in support of County departments, as well as other government and non-government agencies and organizations as directed by appropriate EOC authority.
  • Coordination with other EOC functions to reduce the potential of duplication of efforts, to provide current resource and capability status, and to request information or assistance.
  • Coordination with the School Board Transportation office to establish and provide evacuation routes to the general public.
  • Coordination with the School Board Transportation office to aid PCPT staff with staging buses, drivers and escorts in pre-established emergency operations areas throughout the County.
  • For more information, contact PCPT by mail at 8620 Galen Wilson Boulevard, Port Richey, Florida 34668;by calling (727) 834-3322 (West Pasco), (352) 521-4587(East Pasco), or (813) 235 6073 (Central Pasco); or via email.