Solid Waste Assessment

What Costs it Covers

The solid waste disposal assessment is a non-ad valorem assessment billed annually since 1989 to all owners of real property in Pasco County. This assessment is the method of generating revenue to cover costs for the construction, operation and maintenance of the solid waste system which is comprised of the waste-to-energy facility, the Ridge Road Landfill (closed), the West Pasco Class III Landfill (open), the West Pasco Class I Landfill (open), the East Pasco Class I Landfill (open), the East Pasco Transfer Station, and the Household Hazardous and Recycling Programs.

What is Not Covered

Please note that the solid waste assessment does not cover the cost of collection of the solid waste. The money that is paid to the waste haulers is for collection and transport to our facilities. The solid waste assessment pays for the proper disposal of this solid waste.

Title Companies / Closing Agents

The solid waste assessment is levied against the parcel and is subject to penalties and lien activity if the assessment is unpaid. It is extremely important to know that all title searches are not complete without checking for unpaid assessments with the Solid Waste Customer Service Office.



Residential parcels are billed a flat fee annually, which is included on property tax bills issued by the Pasco County Tax Collector.


Parcels which are designated as commercial (office buildings, churches, warehouses, RV parks, stores, medical facilities, etc) receive a separate, annual bill each year generated by the Solid Waste and Resource Recovery Section of the Utilities Services Branch. Unlike residential assessments, they are billed based on the square footage of the building, multiplied by a generator factor according to the use of the structure as identified by the Property Appraiser's Office. Actual hauler records, as either supplied by the hauler or owner of the real property, may be substituted in lieu of the square footage assessment. In some cases, assessment may be based on a combination of both.