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Signs installed in the unincorporated portion of Pasco County are regulated by the Pasco County Land Development Code. The regulations cover temporary, permanent, commercial, residential, political and many other types of signs; and billboards. Regulations address structure size, copy size, quantity, prohibited signs, permitting requirements, and other items related to sign installations.

You may access the Sign Code (PDF) to view or print.

Permanent Signs

The following documents should be used when applying for a permit to install a permanent sign:

Pasco County Building Permit Application (PDF)

Checklist for Sign Permit Completeness (PDF)

Notice of Commencement (PDF) (for permits valued at $2,500 or more)

Only Pasco County licensed contractors may apply for permits and install permanent signs. The license must be a type that qualifies the contractor to perform sign installations. Some of the common license types are: Sign Contractor, General Contractor, and Electrical Contractor. There are other license types that are also acceptable. Ask your contractor: “Are you licensed to install signs in Pasco County?”

Temporary Banners & Balloons

Temporary banners and advertising balloons require a permit. The following regulations apply:

In nonresidential districts, one (1) banner sign or advertising balloon for each establishment having a CO may be displayed a maximum of four (4) times per calendar year, with a maximum sign surface area for banners of forty (40) square feet. A Sign Permit shall be obtained for such banner or advertising balloon, pursuant to Section 406.1.2, and the permit number and expiration date shall be displayed on the banner or advertising balloon as provided in the permit. The Sign Permit shall be valid for thirty-five (35) days for each occurrence.

A banner or balloon permit is available by completing a Temporary Sign Permit Application (PDF) and bringing it our New Port Richey Central Permitting Office, Land O' Lakes Central Permitting Office or the Dade City Central Permitting Office any business day before 3:30 PM. The cost is $50.00, payable by cash, check or credit card.