Are there early payment discounts for the Stormwater Utility Fee?
Yes, the State of Florida tax discount payment periods apply as follows:

For all taxes assessed on the county tax rolls and collected by the county tax collector, discounts for payments made before delinquency shall be at the rate of 4 percent in the month of November or at any time within 30 days after the sending of the original tax notice; 3 percent in the following month of December; 2 percent in the following month of January; 1 percent in the following month of February; and zero percent in the following month of March or within 30 days before the date of delinquency if the date of delinquency is after April 1.

If the discount period ends on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the discount period, including the zero percent period, extends to the next working day, if payment is delivered to the designated collection office of the tax collector.

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