How do I reserve, request, or renew materials?

You may hold (reserve) up to 15 items in our catalog - or request an item not found in our catalog - by logging into your account online, or by calling or visiting a branch.

  •  Login to your account using your library card number (no spaces) and your last name in CAPITAL letters as your password.
    • To reserve, locate the desired item in the catalog, and click the ’Place Hold’ option. 
    • To request an item not in our catalog, click on the ’Purchase Suggestion’ tab and fill in as much information possible. 
  • Visit or call any branch to place holds - provide your library card number, item information, and the branch where you will pick up the item.
  • Renewals are now done automatically up to 5 times on all eligible items - ones that are not currently held for another patron. Depending upon your account settings, you may receive a courtesy confirmation for one or more of these actions..

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