Commercial Review Checklist
Fee Schedules
A plan submittal fee must be paid when plans are submitted. Applicants will be notified of all comments prior to permit issuance. Comments may be viewed online on the Building E-Services web page. When the permit is issued, the applicant pays for the building permit fee and any other applicable fees, and impact fees are assessed. The impact fees are required to be paid prior to Power Release or Certificate of Occupancy.
Building Permit Application Review Status

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1. How many sets of plans do I need to submit for review?
2. Do my plans have to be signed and sealed?
3. How do I know if my job is in unincorporated Pasco County?
4. What permit fees are required?
5. What is the purpose of a plan review meeting?
6. Multi-Family, Office, Commercial and Industrial Permitting
7. Commercial Review Checklist
8. Plan Review Meetings