How is an assessment initiated?

Under Chapter 94 of the Pasco County of Ordinances, an assessment project can either be initiated through a citizen petition OR by the action of the Board of County Commissioners. Even if a petition fails to achieve the passage requirements set forth in the Ordinance, the Board has the ultimate authority to adopt an assessment where it believes it would be in the best interest of the health, safety and welfare of the residents within the boundaries of the proposed project.

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1. How is an assessment initiated?
2. How is my assessment calculated?
3. What are ERUS and how are they calculated?
4. What other factors does the County consider in calculating an assessment?
5. How does an assessment project get approved?
6. What will happen if I do not return my ballot?
7. If an assessment project is approved at the public hearing, is a lien automatically placed against my property for the amount of the proposed assessment?
8. Since the non-ad valorem paving assessment appears on the ad valorem tax bill, isn’t it a tax?
9. When will I have to pay for the paving work to be performed?
10. What happens if I can’t afford to pay the assessment when I get the bill? Will I lose my property?
11. What happens to the lien if I choose to pay-off my assessment early?
12. Is there any way I can reduce the assessment?