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Animal Services

  1. Animal Bite Report

    Any animal bite can be reported and recorded through this form. An Animal Control Officer will be in contact within 2 business days.... More…

  2. Medical Dog "Healthy Tails" Foster Sign Up Form

    For those interested in fostering for Pasco County Animal Services. All foster pets are required to return to the shelter every two... More…

  3. Request for a Tour

    Please complete the form below to request a tour of Pasco County Animal Services facility.

  1. Foster Kitten Sign Up

    For those interested in foster for Pasco County Animal Services. All foster pets are required to return to the shelter every two weeks... More…

  2. Request for a Speaker

    Please complete the form below to request either a speaker to visit your school, community or business. You may also request a tour of... More…

  3. Vaccine Clinic - Multipet Household Form

    The purpose of this form is collect information that can be transferred to our shelter management software that will result in an... More…

Code Compliance

  1. Code Compliance Feedback

    This form is used for feedback.

  2. Violation Search
  1. Report Copy Request

    This form is used to request a copy of a report.

Community Development

  1. Payoff Request

    To request a payoff please complete this form.

  1. Training for Housing Professionals

    Pasco County Community Development is pleased to announce an electronic way to register for the Training for Housing Professionals... More…

Customer Service

  1. Government Center Volunteer Greeter

    The Pasco County Customer Service Department is accepting applications for Volunteer Greeters to greet and assist citizens that visit... More…

  1. HOA Registration Form

Fire Rescue

  1. Fire Inspector Contact Form

    Form to contact individual Fire Inspectors

  2. Fire Rescue Contact Form

    Use This form to contact Pasco County Fire Rescue

  3. Pasco County Fire Rescue Commendation Form

    Where you happy with a Fire Rescue employee, or feel the need to pass a long a good interaction? Please use this form.

  4. Smoke Alarm Request

    Form to request a Smoke Alarm

  5. Special Detail Post Analysis for Fire Rescue

    This form is for providing feedback to Fire Prevention regarding a Special Detail

  1. Fire Prevention ISO - Insurance Fire Protection Letter Request Form

    Form for requesting an ISO / Insurance Fire Protection letter from Fire Prevention, including Fire Protection Class, Station distance,... More…

  2. Fire Rescue Special Detail Request and Information Confirmation Form

    Please use this form for First Time Fire Rescue Special Detail Requests, or to Confirm the details of a Special Detail Request.

  3. Pasco County Fire Rescue Complaint Form

    Pasco County Fire Rescue considers all complaints important. Complaints are documented using this form and forwarded to the PCFR... More…

  4. Special Detail Customer Service Performance Survey for Fire Rescue

    This form is for providing feedback to Fire Rescue based on special detail service provided.

Human Resources-VIP

  1. VIP Time Sheet

    For use by VIPs (volunteer/intern) to report hours to department.

Human Services

  1. Citizen Needs Survey
  1. Pasco County Human Trafficking Ordinance

    Pasco County Human Trafficking Ordinance Business Information, Signs Human Trafficking Signs

Parks and Recreation

  1. Monthly Volunteer Log

    Dear Volunteer, Thank you for donating your time and talents to the Pasco County Parks, Recreation, and Natural Resources... More…

Planning and Development

  1. Application Submittal/Content Completeness Meeting Request Form

    Application Submittal Content Completeness Submit Development Review

  2. Urban Agriculture Registration

    Urban Agriculture Registration

  1. Project Inquiry

    Project Search Project Inquiry

Traffic Operations

  1. Traffic Devices Submittal Form

    Listing of materials and manufacturers to be installed on a project.