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Water and Reclaimed Water Misuse

  1. Help conserve water and prevent water misuse by reporting any water used after 8 a.m. but before 6 p.m.
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    IMPORTANT - Please Note: "Under Florida law, email addresses are public records." All information emailed to Pasco County Utilities is at the sender's own risk and sender agrees to hold Pasco County harmless for any liability suffered by sender or account holder.

  3. Type of water being misused*
  4. Examples: Watering after 8 a.m. but before 6 p.m.; Irrigating on the wrong watering day; Broken or misdirected sprinkler head; Using a hose without a proper nozzle; Or, any other misuse of water.  

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    You are not required to include your personal information to submit a water/sewer misuse report. If you would like to provide your contact information, please select "yes" and fill in the information below.

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