April 15, 2024
A cat being microchip checked. Home is where the heart is for your pet! Pasco County Animal Services (PCAS) is partnering with Runaways Animal Rescue to provide free microchipping Saturday, April 20, 2024 – an event open to everyone who lives in Pasco County!

WHAT: Free Microchipping Event

WHEN: Saturday, April 20, 2024                                                                                              
9 a.m. – 12 p.m. 

WHERE: Runaways Animal Rescue
8020 Washington Street
Port Richey

“Microchipping is one of the first things we look for in found pets,” said PCAS Director Mike Shumate. “Microchips are not tracking devices, but they store your contact information, so we know who to call if your pet comes to our shelter as a stray.”

In addition to free microchips, PCAS is partnering with Pet Hub to give the gift of collars and tags to every attendee to even further your pet’s chances of finding their way home.

Veterinarians will implant a limit of three pet microchips per vehicle while supplies last. All cats must be in carriers.

To watch our video explaining more about microchipping, click HERE.

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