February 15, 2024
News Release Thumbnail CSX Transportation has scheduled the crossing(s) listed below for closure and repair. This will necessitate rerouting traffic. Signage will be in place marking detour routes. Typical closure periods last between 2-5 days. In the event a crossing is the only entry and exit point for travelers, special arrangements have been coordinated directly with the municipality the crossing lies within and usually include a 24-hour (or less) closure period.

Please be prepared for delays and extended travel times in this area and avoid the closure area if possible. Closure dates and duration can change, with or without notice, due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

While CSX Transportation regrets any disruptions caused by these closures, longstanding statutes provide CSX authority to close roads crossing CSX rail lines. Pasco County recognizes these repairs are necessary and will make for better and safer driving conditions for the community when completed.

Dade City, FL
Enterprise Rd - Between Old Lakeland Hwy and Larkin Lake Rd
Closing on or around 2/23/2024