February 22, 2024
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Pasco County’s Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) always has safety in mind – and is using that mindset to create a Safety Action Plan for everyone who uses the roads in our communities.

This new plan aims to lower fatalities and serious injuries on our roads, aligning with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) and MPO’s Target Zero initiative.  The plan will help identify and prioritize specific projects to be implemented by partner agencies and target additional grant funds.

“FDOT’s support has been crucial in combating our high incidences of injuries and fatalities,” says MPO Executive Director Tania Gorman.  “Our own Pasco County Project Management and Engineering Services teams provided the 20% match required to apply for the grant.  We wouldn’t have been able to create the plan without their tremendous generosity and support.”

Qualifications for receiving the grant include:

  • Economic factors
  • Income considerations
  • Above average number of injuries and fatalities, including cyclists and pedestrians, in comparison to other counties
  • 80/20 match

The Safe Streets and Roads for All Grant, in the amount of $320K, was awarded by the U.S. Department of Transportation in late 2023.  The grant enables MPO to create a strategic plan, which will plan and program the best national safety practices into our local roadways.

The plan, which will be created over the next three years, will include public commitment, an oversight committee, private sector and community involvement, equity considerations, assessment of policies, identification of projects and strategies, and a method to measure progress.

For more information about MPO and its transportation plans, please visit: mypas.co/MPO