February 26, 2024
Resiliency News Thumbnail Pasco County is vulnerable to extreme climate hazards like flooding, storm surge and heat!  We might not be able to control these events, but we can control how we prepare for, adapt to and recover from them. Pasco County wants your opinion to help shape how we prepare for future climate hazards!

We invite our community to take our Resilience and Sustainability Survey so we can learn how to strengthen our community and protect Pasco County. The survey is ongoing and will run over the next couple of months.

Pasco is working to create a resilience plan. We received a grant of more than $750K in Community Development Block Grant Mitigation Funds administered by the Florida Department of Commerce.

The Resilient Pasco Project consists of three parts:

  • Countywide Vulnerability Assessment
  • Resilience and Sustainability Action Plan
  • Living Shorelines Plan

The Resilient Pasco Project intends to find ways to strengthen our community and protect Pasco’s environment, communities and economic prosperity.

Learn more about the Resilient Pasco Project, and take our survey by clicking HERE.

Read about our recently created Office of Strategy and Sustainability HERE.