Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

The Pasco Board of County Commissioners is pleased to present our 2022-2025 Pasco County Strategic Plan. The plan, developed over 18 months with input and suggestions from team members and external customers, will guide Pasco County Government’s actions and activities over the next four years. We are determined to continually work toward becoming Florida’s Premier County. Scroll down to see the four focus areas and supporting goals that frame the work we do.

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Create a Thriving Community
GOAL 1.1
GOAL 1.2
GOAL 1.3
GOAL 1.4
Enhance Quality of Life
GOAL 2.1
GOAL 2.2
GOAL 2.3
GOAL 2.4
Stimulate Economic Growth
GOAL 3.1
GOAL 3.2
GOAL 3.3
GOAL 3.4
Improve Organizational Performance
GOAL 4.1
GOAL 4.2
GOAL 4.3
GOAL 4.4