Lost And Found Pets

Pasco County Animal Services knows that a pet is a member of the family. Losing your pet can be a scary time not only for your pet but for everyone involved. Our organization is dedicated to helping you find your lost pet and helping reunite families in times of need.

Please utilize the below techniques and reference the many resources on this page. These combined efforts will give you and your pet the best chance of finding each other again.

Visit 24PetConnect.com to find a lost pet. 

If you have contained a stray pet or are the owner of a lost animal and would like an update on your active lost pet case within our system, you can contact our Pet Reunification Specialist, Carey King-Agin directly at (813) 929-1212 ext. 1432 between the hours of 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Please note our Pet Reunification Specialist will only speak on cases where the animal is already contained by either the finder or Animal Control. In addition, Pet Reunification will not discuss questions regarding community cats. Please see below if you are searching for information regarding feral, or community cats.

Lost Pets

  • Act fast! The best chance to find your pet is within the first 48 hours after they go missing. Take immediate action and seek help from your family, friends, neighbors, and community.
  • Check within your area! Although your pet may be at a shelter, it was most likely found by one of your neighbors. Hang up posters in your area and check-in with homes near yours.
  • Utilize social media! Stray pets are found by citizens every day, and many people use social media to help find the owners. The back of this form has many websites you can use to help find your lost pet.
  • Check your local shelters - plural is key! Although you may have one main animal shelter in your area, other citizens may feel more comfortable taking a stray pet to a shelter or rescue they know.
  • Make sure your contact information is up to date! If your pet has a microchip, make sure your phone number and address are accurate. Also, call your veterinarian to ensure they have your latest information.
  • Don't give up. Animal shelters see cases every year where animals have been missing for days, weeks, or even years. Pasco County Animal Services is here to help you try and find your missing family member.
Lost Animal Request

You can file a Lost Pet report here: Lost Animal Request Form

Found Pets

It can be easy to assume a stray dog has been abandoned. However, that's not always the case! There are many ways you can try to find the owner of a lost dog.
  • Hang flyers or posters in the area with a photo of the dog and your contact information.
  • Walk the dog around the neighborhood to see if anyone is missing a pet. Many lost dogs are not far from home!
  • Post the dog's photo to social media pages or groups and websites that focus on lost pets.
  • Take the dog to a local shelter or vet clinic to be scanned for a microchip.

Online Pet License Search

Pasco County Animal Services has a program for stray animals called Finder to Foster. This program allows the finder of the animal to house the pet in their home during the legal stray hold time. With this program, you bring the animal to our shelter when you find it so we can take a photo and post it to our website in search of the owner. If the owner is not found after the legal hold time is up, you can return the dog to us to be placed up for adoption, or you may also choose to adopt the animal after it has been medically cleared and spayed or neutered. This program provides a safe space for the animal in your home during their hold time and prevents stress related to the shelter environment.  

Found Animal Request

You can file a Found Animal report here: Found Animal Request Form

If you've found a stray, healthy cat, we encourage you to simply leave it be!

Have you found a cat or kitten?

Spring and summer starts our community kitten season. Between March and October, hundreds of new kittens are born in Pasco County.  In most cases, those kittens are not truly abandoned. Pasco County does not have a leash law for cats, meaning they can roam free.  This also means Pasco County Animal Control does not pick up stray cats in the community, nor do we accept stray cats at the shelter.  When you find a kitten, you usually don't have to intervene. Just 'Leave Them Be' for mom to return and continue caring for them.

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