Rabies Awareness


Rabies is a fatal, but preventable, viral disease. We're partnering with The Florida Department of Health in Pasco County to raise awareness about a sharp increase in the number of animal bites in Pasco County.  Rabies is present in our wild animal population, which puts our beloved pets at risk if they're not vaccinated.

Fact vs. Fiction

FICTION: You can tell an animal has rabies because it will appear vicious and foam at the mouth.
FACT: Some animals with rabies can display aggression, and some can have excessive salivation (i.e., foaming at the mouth). However, others can show signs of lethargy, fever and vomiting.  They may also experience paralysis, seizures, difficulty breathing or swallowing and other abnormal behaviors.

FICTION: You can cure rabies.
FACT: Once symptoms appear, rabies is nearly always fatal.

FICTION: Only certain mammals can contract rabies.
FACT: Any mammal can potentially carry or be infected by this disease.  In Florida, raccoons are the number one animal reported to have rabies.  The state has also had more positive cases in cats than in dogs.

FICTION: Rabies Vaccine consists of multiple painful injections in the stomach.
FACT: While in the past, post-exposure vaccination for rabies included 20 or more shots into the stomach, these days post-exposure vaccination only includes HRIG (human rabies immune globulin) injected around the bite/wound and 4 doses of rabies vaccine given over 2 weeks.
Common Rabies Questions
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How can you prevent rabies?
What should I do if an animal bites me?
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