Contractors Licensing


If you’re applying for a local license or wanting to register your state license, please apply directly on PascoGateway

If you're a contractor already registered in our system and need to update your contact information, please go to PascoGateway and create a new account. Once you've created a new account, email Contractor Licensing, so we can ensure the correct information is linked to your account.

In order for a licensed contractor to pull building permits, be listed as a subcontractor and obtain inspections in unincorporated Pasco County, the contractor must first register. It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure that all licensing information on file with Pasco County is current.


If you’re a homeowner and need to check to see if a contractor you are hiring is licensed, please visit PascoGateway and search under the Contractor Licenses tab. 

Register your State Certified License or apply for a County Certificate of Competency Card:

  • Register as a new user on PascoGateway
  • Login to your PascoGateway account and apply to register your State Certified License. 
  • Read the terms and conditions and check the box.
  • Continue to the application, select Certified Contractor Application, and follow prompts.
  • Once submitted our team will review and you'll receive an email.
  • Apply for a Local County Competency License through PascoGateway.
  • Email us at if you would like a downloadable application emailed.
VuSpex GO: Virtual Inspections

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

What is VuSpex?
Pasco County Development Services is offering VuSpex, a virtual building inspections tool that provides inspection services to contractors remotely, with the use of any device. By using VuSpex, our Inspectors can thoroughly perform a virtual inspection from any location, saving the contractors both time and money. 

Who Can Use It?
VuSpex can be used by contractors requesting an inspection for air conditioning change outs, water heater change outs, water softener change outs, and selected re-inspections with few violations. 

How Do I Schedule a VuSpex Inspection?
To schedule a Virtual Inspection with Pasco County, email or call 727-847-8126 option 2.

Inspection Requests

Please visit PasCoGateway, to schedule inspections and obtain inspection results. If at any time the online inspection system is inoperable, you may call (727) 847-8126 option 2.

Building Inspectors Phone Numbers

Inspection Schedulers Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
8 am to 4 pm
Phone: 727-847-8126    Building Inspection Hours:
Monday through Friday
7 am to 3:30 pm

Report Unlicensed Contracting

Call the Department of Business and Professional Regulation toll-free at 866-532-1440 or go to their website. You can also report unlicensed activity to Contractor Licensing at 727-847-8009 or email