Flood And Evacuation Zone

Flood zones are NOT the same as evacuation zones.

Flood zones are used for assessing a property's flood risk, which can be caused by heavy rains or tropical storms and hurricanes. Everyone lives in a flood zone, which may be high, moderate, or low risk.

Evacuation zones are based on a property's vulnerability to storm surge from a hurricane.

Find my flood zone, base flood elevation, and other property information:

  1. Click on the link above to bring up Pasco Mapper
  2. Type in the property address or parcel ID number in the top left search box
  3. Click on “Layer List” on the bottom toolbar
    1. Go to “Storm” and click the drop-down arrow
    2. Click the white box next to “Base Flood Elevations” to turn on the layer
    3. Click the white box next to “FEMA 2020 Zones” to turn on the layer

Find Elevation Certificates, Substantial Improvement Information, and Flood Zone Information:

Find my evacuation zone: