Mobility Fee

Program Requirements

The Pasco County Board of County Commissioners find that locally owned small businesses are less likely to be able to financially absorb the proposed mobility fee increases that will result from the 2021 Mobility Fee Update; accordingly, the Board of County Commissioners wishes to create reduced mobility fee rates for locally owned small businesses.

This program is intended to assist small business owners whose building project is within a development classified in the Mobility Fee Schedule as retail, recreation or institutions, and is a locally owned small business that complies with the following:

  • The business is majority owned (is 51% more) by Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Sumter, or Polk County resident(s) whose homestead or permanent residence is located in one of these counties.
  • The business, at the time of building permit submission, is not part of a chain located outside of the counties listed in #1 above. 
  • The business, at the time of building permit submission, employs 25 or fewer employees, as determined by the most recent payroll tax records for the business. 
  • The business enters into an agreement, or records a deed restriction that ensures that the business, or the business's successor(s), will pay the difference between the Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND) rate in the Mobility Fee Schedule and the rate that such business would have been assessed had such business not qualified for the TND rate, if the business ceases to qualify as a locally owned small business pursuant to item #1 above.
  • Mobility Fee Chart (PDF)
How to Apply

Locally owned small businesses can request a Mobility Fee reduction from Building Construction Services. The business will be required to provide the following documents to determine eligibility under the fee reduction program:

  1. Articles of Incorporation or other business entity documentation for the small business 
  2. List of business owners and their permanent residence addresses 
  3. Most recent Florida RT-6 Quarterly Report for the employees of the business 
  4. Location of all business facilities under the ownership of the applicant, and other businesses under the same brand or trade name, including complete addresses

For questions or more information about the Locally Owned Business Mobility Fee Reduction Program, please contact Rich Jenkins at (727) 815-7092 ext. 2350 or email