Owner Occupied Rehab

Eligible Homes

Pasco County Community Development administers a program that provide repairs to an owner-occupied home. The programs are available county-wide, including the six cities. Single-family homes, villas, condominiums, and townhomes are eligible. Mobile homes are only eligible if the land is owned, and the home was built after June of 1994.  The home must be Homesteaded, and Home value cannot exceed $330,000, which can be found on PascoPA.com.  You must have owned the home for at least two (2) years to be eligible for the program.

The Owner Occupied Rehab Program will not assist with repairs to homes with illegal structures built without required building permits. Properties that have experienced repetitive losses, including but not limited to, flooding, sinkhole or other ground settlement activity, including remediated or stabilized properties, will not be eligible.

Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program

This program is for homeowners that need help funding major repairs on their homes. Eligible applicants must have incomes that are under 120% of the area median income (see maximum income section). Eligible repairs include but are not limited to correcting substantial code violations, such as roof repair or replacement, ceilings; upgrading electrical, heating, septic/sewer, water facilities; and making handicapped modifications. We cannot fix the roof and ignore a dangerous electrical situation.

Loan Terms

The funds provided through Pasco County will be a zero-interest 30 year loan that is recorded as a mortgage and note.

For moderate-income households the loan is deferred for five (5) years and amortized payback begins in year six (6) for a twenty-five (25) year amortized period.

For elderly over 62, and special needs the loan will be deferred for five (5) years and then forgiven, provided the home remains the applicant(s) homesteaded principal residence.

For very low and low-income households the loan is deferred for 30 years then forgiven, provided the home remains the applicant(s) homesteaded principal residence.

The loan will be determined to be in default if any of the following occur: sale, transfer, of conveyance of property; conversion to rental property; loss of homestead exemption statue; or the home is no longer occupied by the qualifying homeowner(s).  If the loan is determined to be in default the outstanding balance shall become due and payable.

In cases where the qualifying homeowner(s) pass away during the 30-year loan term, the loan may be assumed by a SHIP eligible heir who will occupy the home as a primary residence.  If the legal heir is not SHIP eligible or choose not to occupy the home, the outstanding balance shall become due and payable.  However, a modification may be arranged with the County for a loan bearing 6% interest.

If the home is being foreclosed by a superior mortgage, Pasco County reserves the right to buy the property at foreclosure sale to protect its’ loan interest.

Maximum Income - Area Median Income (April 2024)

Number of Persons in Household

30% AMI (Extremely Low)

50% AMI (Very Low)

80% AMI (Low)

120% AMI (Moderate)

1 $20,100 $33,450 $53,500 $80,280
2 $22,950 $38,200 $61,150 $91,680
3 $25,820 $43,000 $68,800 $103,200
4 $31,200 $47,750 $76,400 $114,600
5 $36,580 $51,600 $82,550 $123,840
6 $41,960 $55,400 $88,650 $132,960


In order to apply for assistance, you must apply through the Pasco County Community Development Department. All information regarding your household income must be collected, including Social Security, employment, child support, bank accounts, pensions and other income and assets. If you think you may qualify and wish to apply, please call our office at 727-834-3447. We can send the application via mail, email, or it is available for pick up at our office.

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