Tax Payment Program


The Tax Payment Program has been created by the Board of County Commissioners to assist homeowners who are very low income and persons who are seniors and/ or disabled pay for their property taxes. The goal of this program is to keep homeowners in their homes.

This is a Loan

The funds provided through Pasco County will be in the form of a zero-interest loan. These funds must be repaid to the County. The repayment of funds will help other families in the future. Loan payments depend on your income level and ability to pay.

A Note About Assessments

If you are applying for assessment assistance, please note that based on funding availability, only one year may be paid at a time, and you may have to apply each year for funding. Assessments cannot be paid when the initial homeowner notice is generated; they can only be paid once the final roll has been completed and the one-year portion of the assessment appears on your property tax bill.

Eligible Homes

Any type of home is eligible for this program, including condominiums and townhouses. For mobile and manufactured homes, only the tax on the property is eligible. Mobile homes are only eligible if the land is owned, and was built after 1994. Your home cannot have a value that exceeds $275,000 according to the Pasco County Property Appraiser. Additionally, there can be no outstanding judgments or liens placed on the property by the County, excluding paving liens and utility assessments. Your property must not have more than 75% of its value in debt.


In order to apply for assistance, you must apply through the Pasco County Community Development Department. All information regarding your household income must be collected, including Social Security, employment, child support, bank accounts, pensions and other income and assets. If you think you may qualify and wish to apply, please call our office at 727-834-3447. We can send the application via mail, email, or it is available for pick up at our office.

Income Guidelines (April 2024)
All eligible homeowners must have household incomes under 50% of the median income for the Tampa Bay area. Currently, that is as follows:

  • 1 person - $33,450
  • 2 persons - $38,200
  • 3 persons - $43,000
  • 4 persons - $47,750
  • 5 persons - $51,600
However, If the household has a senior (62 or over) or a family member that is disabled, there is a higher income level:

  • 1 person - $53,500
  • 2 persons - $61,150
  • 3 persons - $68,800
  • 4 persons - $76,400
  • 5 persons - $82,550
All persons in the household must be included, not just family members who are on the deed. Your home must be your primary, homesteaded residence. In order to qualify for assistance under this program, excluding your home and personal furnishings, you may not have assets valued over $25,000. Homeowner's insurance is not required for this program

Amount of Funds Available

The amount of County funds that are available depends on how much it is anticipated that you will need to pay for your taxes. The lifetime maximum amount available to you is $15,000. Once you are approved, present your tax bills for the next year to the County may be able to pay the taxes directly to the Tax Collector. Tax Certificates are also eligible to be paid-off under this program. No past payments may be reimbursed. Payment of current and delinquent taxes are eligible.