Fares And Passes

Fare/Fee Type

One-Way Cash Fare  
Regular Fare $ 1.50
Reduced Fare* $.0.75 


One-Day Pass (Unlimited rides for a day)

Regular Fare $ 3.75
Reduced Fare* $ 1.85


31-Day Pass (Unlimited rides for 31 days upon activation)

Regular Fare $ 37.50
Reduced Fare* $ 18.75


20-Ride Pass (Within a 90-day period)  
Regular Fare $ 25.00
Reduced Fare* $ 12.50


Other Fare/Fee Types  
Veterans FREE
Children under four years of age or younger (No more than three children with each paying customer) FREE
GOPASCO Reduced Fare Photo ID $ 2.50

Reduced Fare 

  • Persons 65 years of age and older (with a valid Medicare card)
  • Students of any age (with a current and valid school ID or GOPASCO reduced fare photo ID – except elementary students)
  • Person with a certified disability (Disability Application for Reduced-Fare Photo ID)
  • Valid Medicare card holder
  • GOPASCO REDUCED PHOTO ID can be used in lieu of a Medicare card or school ID
Purchase all your bus passes listed above, including, Student Summer Haul Pass (see video below)  / Valid photo IDs are also available at the following locations:
**Remember veterans ride free - more information watch the video below**

GOPASCO Administrative Office
8620 Galen Wilson Boulevard
Port Richey

East Pasco Government Center – Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller
14236 Sixth Street Suite 201
Dade City

West Pasco Government Center – Pasco County Clerk & Comptroller
8731 Citizens Drive Suite 220
New Port Richey

    • Centennial Park
    • Hudson Regional
    • Hugh Embry
    • New River
    • Land O’ Lakes
    • Regency Park 
    • South Holiday
    • Zephyrhills Public Library

Veterans Program

Veterans Ride Free on All GOPASCO Fixed Routes

To take advantage of this offer on all fixed-service transit routes, all United States active-duty military and Veterans can show one of the following forms of identification to a GOPASCO bus driver:

  1. Military ID Card
  2. Valid VA Card
  3. “V” or Veteran on Driver’s License
  4. GOPASCO Veterans Photo ID Card
    • Available at the GOPASCO Administrative Office located at 8620 Galen Wilson Boulevard in Port Richey
    • Bring Military Service Information

Student Summer Haul Pass

Whether you are headed to have some fun at the beach, visiting with friends or heading to work, the Summer Haul Pass is a great way to save money! Students with a valid student ID or GOPASCO reduced fare ID can purchase the pass and enjoy unlimited rides on GOPASCO buses from June 1 to August 31 for $20.
Discount Bus Passes

GOPASCO offers a discount on bulk pass purchases. If you buy 20 or more 31-day or 20-ride bus passes, you can receive a 10% discount. These passes are available at the GOPASCO Administrative Office located at 8620 Galen Wilson Boulevard in Port Richey or call us at (727) 834-3322 to request them by email at buspassdesk@gopasco.com.

Bus Passes By Mail

If you would like to request a bus pass, please complete the form and mail back to us. Ver en Español.