How We Serve the Community

Working for Pasco County is more than just a job.  It’s a passion for helping others, making new friends and building a lifelong career.

See and hear for yourself why our team members love coming to work every day to serve their community.

Here's what our team members are saying about working here:

Anthony, Inspector
"Because I live and play…why not make it a better place for future generations.”

Ryan, Senior Business Analyst
"Pasco County provides great opportunities for professional growth, wellness and prosperity. The County focuses on the development of current and future leaders. The County prioritizes its people and their purpose in order to influence organizational performance.”

Wayne, Special Equipment Operator
“First, I will say the benefits and work, but it goes beyond that. The employees are amazing and strive to be the best – our bosses are the same. All the things they provide for us to better ourselves, not only as employees, but as humans as well. Things I've learned here I've applied at home and with friends, not just at work. The environment here is the best I've ever worked in.”

Ron, Construction Project Supervisor
I have been serving the public practically my whole career spanning over 45 years. Pasco County is a thriving, beautiful and forward looking place.  The people are friendly and vested in their place to live. I love serving the people to make it a better place. The people I work with are professional and vested in providing service to the public. The benefits received working for the county are outstanding. Great benefits and competitive pay. Opportunities for advancement and professional development. It’s a great place to work and provide for the public good.”

As a member of the Pasco County team, you'll find fulfillment in joining our mission of "Serving Our Community to Create a Better Future."  Scroll down to see ways we engage our community through service.

Pasco County takes pride in recognizing our team members' accomplishments.  We regularly honor those who work above and beyond Serving Our Community to Create a Better Future.

Staff Development
From your very first day working at Pasco County, you can plant seeds and watch your career grow! Our Training and Development Program provides a wealth of information for all team members - whether you’re just starting or have been here for years. Our online training opportunities and our Pasco University will give you the resources you need for your career to soar.

Get to know your potential leaders and co-workers before you join our team.  Click the button below to see the faces who make up Pasco County.

Find Your Team
Get to know your potential leaders and co-workers before you join our team.  Click the button below to see the faces who make up Pasco County.

Growth Opportunities
Leadership Development Program (LDP)
LDP is designed to enhance and develop our skills to prepare team members for leadership roles in our organization.  Hear firsthand how this program is making an impact.

Degree Alternative Program (DAP)
Are you worried about not having a degree?  Pasco County has a great program designed to help you succeed and branch out.

Our Degree Alternative Program (DAP) is a voluntary opportunity allowing you the chance to achieve an "in-house" alternative to a higher education degree.

When you successfully complete the DAP, you can substitute minimum education requirements for designated positions within the county that may require an Associate's or Bachelor's degree.