Commercial Landscaping Grant Program

About the Program

The Pasco Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved funding for the Commercial Redevelopment Landscaping Grant Program as part of its strategy to "fund incentives to promote urban design, and visual, landscaping and aesthetic property improvements for identified (and) targeted redevelopment areas for beautification and property enhancement in commercial districts".
The positive environment created by aesthetically-pleasing landscaping not only welcomes customers inside local businesses but also enhances their perception of the level of quality of products and services offered by that business and ultimately increases property values. The Office of Economic Growth has dedicated staff available for hands-on application and program assistance.
Program Details

  • Landscaping Grant Program targets commercially zoned property, located in designated, unincorporated areas of Pasco County.
  • Maximum Grant Amount is determined by the following:
    • Properties 3 acres or less are eligible for a grant not to exceed $20,000*
    • Properties greater than 3 acres are eligible for a grant not to exceed $40,000*
    • *If the existing parking lot is brought to Land Development Code standards, an additional $10,000 may be awarded. 
  • 20% applicant match is required. Expenses such as topsoil, mulch, and irrigation may be credited toward the applicant match requirement.
  • Program funding can only be used for the purchase and installation of Florida Friendly tree and plant materials.
  • Grant applications should only be submitted for landscaping work that has not yet been completed.
  • Eligible properties are not to exceed 10 acres unless directly related to a public community project.
  • All county fees and taxes must be current.

Application Steps

Note: All project improvements are required to conform to the Pasco County Land Development Code.

Contact the Office of Economic Growth at 727-815-7092, or email Deryk Berger at, for additional details.