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The primary mission of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) is to provide management and policy support to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC), County Administrator, departments, and divisions through the preparation, review and monitoring of County budgets. OMB assists in the development, updating, and implementation of management and budget policy, including capital improvement plans.


The OMB Program includes all activities related to development and execution of the County's operating and capital budgets as well as providing financial, economic, and policy analysis and recommendations to the BCC and their operating departments.

The budget function is one of the most important organizational issues within local government. The way the budget function operates has a wide-ranging effect on the budget itself, the budget office, the government as a whole, and even the community. According to the National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting, good budgeting is a broadly defined process that has political, managerial, planning, communication, and financial dimensions.

Annually, OMB produces an annual operating budget and a five year capital plan that helps to implement the BCC's strategic and policy decisions. The budget document is not only a financial plan, but also a policy document, operations guide, and communication device. Departmentally, OMB measures the success of the program through budget accuracy and positive customer response.

Budget accuracy can be measured by the number of budget amendments processed throughout the year due to error on the part of an OMB staff member. To date, in FY 2015, OMB has processed 232 budget amendments and 12 (5.2%) of those amendments were due to error. The department has a target goal to reduce the percentage of budget amendments due to error to less than 1%.

Positive customer response is measured through an annual customer survey. All questions received a score of C+ in FY2011 and FY2012. In FY2013, 2 questions received a C+ and 2 questions received a B. In FY 2014, all four questions received a score of B. OMB has a target goal to reach at least a B+ for all customer service survey questions.

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