The Pasco County Community Services Department provides effective and professional management and coordination of the following divisions: 

The Department is committed to addressing citizen concerns and community needs via professional and expeditious service delivery, education and outreach activities, and collaborations and partnerships.

This commitment exceeded expectations through the department's response to the COVID-19 pandemic by helping the community when everyone needed it most. Provided is a breakdown of the County's impactful CARES program.

Cares Act Community Impact Summary

Please visit each individual division's page to see what specific services they may offer you.


To serve our customers and community by delivering effective and essential services and programs. Our mission, vision, and values are grounded in Pasco County's adopted Strategic Plan, our public service commitment to constituents, and our stewardship role.


Aligned with Pasco County's Vision of being Florida's premier county for balanced economic growth, environmental sustainability, and first-class services, we provide high-quality, cost-effective services to Pasco County residents and visitors.


Aligned with Pasco County's Mission of delivering services, being innovative, maintaining efficiencies, and building confidence, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to create a better future that meet or exceed the needs of our community.


We value the integrity of each employee, citizen, volunteer, and partner contributing to the professional delivery of excellent public services in an atmosphere of open, honest communication, predicated on our respect for and trust in each other.

Respect - Treating our customers and co-workers with courtesy, consideration, and appreciation at all times, under all circumstances.

Integrity - A workplace in which the highest standards of ethics and honesty are adhered to at all times and without exception. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

Innovation - An atmosphere where new and creative ideas are supported and encouraged by management and staff. An environment where employees are empowered to creatively solve problems and deliver excellent public service.

Service Excellence - A commitment to providing our customers with the highest caliber of service in all areas of County government.


  • Know Our Customer's Needs
  • Exceed Their Expectations
  • Deliver On Our Promises
  • Deliver Excellence Every Day
The Community Services Department efforts align with the Pasco County Strategic Plan by:

  • "Bringing Opportunities Home" to Pasco and focusing on our four Strategic Objective Areas identified by the Board of County Commissioners in our FY 2013 to 2017 Strategic Plan which are: Create a Thriving Community; Enhance Quality of Life; Stimulate Economic Growth; and Improve Organizational Performance
  • Providing the community with accurate information and professional service
  • Providing a timely and comprehensive response to service requests
  • Providing County services in line with available revenues and consistent with customer requirements and expectations
  • Empowering the community by providing assistance, outreach initiatives, and programs to create a thriving community, enhance quality of life, stimulate economic growth and improve organizational performance
  • Promoting our services by participating in educational campaigns, fairs, and community events