A Better Way to Pay for Paving

The maintenance of our roads, to keep everyone traveling safely and efficiently, is a priority in Pasco County, and we're pleased to be moving forward with a fair and stable way to pay for local road paving and maintenance.

Pasco is replacing our Residential Paving Assessment (PVAS) program with a new Municipal Service Taxing Unit (MSTU), effective October 1, 2024.

An MSTU is a modern, equitable way of distributing the tax burden for road improvement projects throughout the county, instead of placing the burden on a specific geographic area. The new system provides long-term funding for incremental maintenance, helping roads last longer and avoiding costly repairs.

Using science-based criteria, the MSTU program evaluates all eligible county roads to determine eligibility, ranking and distribution.

To see how Pasco County evaluates your roads, check out this video:

What services are provided under Local Road Paving MSTU?
Is the MSTU an ad valorem or a non-ad valorem tax?
When will I see the  Local Road Paving MSTU on my tax bill?
How much will I be charged in a year? 
How is the annual tax calculated and is it the same for all types of local road treatment?
Does everyone pay the same amount?
Do I have to pay the MSTU tax?
What types of roads are covered in the  Local Road Paving MSTU?
I have a PVAS assessment on my tax bill. Will I continue to see this in addition to the MSTU?
If I have a Paving Assessment bill from Pasco County Public Infrastructure, do I have to pay this?