Stormwater Master Plan Update


Pasco County Public Works has initiated the development of a Stormwater Master Plan Update for the unincorporated portions of Pasco County, which is being developed by Geosyntec Consultants Inc.


Pasco County’s original Stormwater Master Plan was prepared in 1995, followed by the completion of a stormwater funding study in 1997. In 2006, the Stormwater Master Plan and funding study were modified, and a stormwater utility fee was implemented in 2007. The fee was subsequently modified in 2015 and 2018.

Overview of the Current Plan Update


Update the 2006 Stormwater Master Plan to address the following:

  • Flood Abatement
  • Effective Drainage
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Actionable Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) Program and Strategies

Scope of Work

The 18-month project includes the following tasks:

  • Project Management and Facilitation
  • Public Outreach and Meetings
  • Data Gathering and Compilation
  • Stormwater Program Review
  • County Codes and Level of Service Review
  • O&M Review
  • Watershed Management Plans Project Review
  • Areas of Concern Summary and Project Identification
  • Stormwater CIP Recommendations
  • Stormwater Utility Fee Rate Sufficiency and External Financing Analysis Coordination
  • Draft and Final Documents
  • Presentations to County Commissioners

Desired Outcomes

The final Stormwater Master Plan update report will include:

  • Stormwater Areas of Concern Needs List (identify geographic or infrastructure concerns with 5- and 10-year implementation strategies to address flooding and O&M)
  • CIP Implementation Plan
    • 10-year implementation plan in 5-year increments
    • 15 priority projects conceptualized with individual detailed reports comprising concept design, cost estimate, benefit-cost ratio, and target funding options

Public Meetings

The first set of public meetings were held in April 2024 to introduce the project, present the scope and solicit information from residents. A second set of public meetings will be held tentatively in July 2025, near the end of the project to present findings. For more information, please contact Pasco Public Works at 727-834-3611.

Project Schedule

The project began in February 2024 and is scheduled to conclude in August 2025.

View the current tentative project schedule.