Solid Waste Assessment

Commercial Solid Waste Assessment Payment

The Utilities Customer and Information Services Department will no longer accept payments for your Commercial Solid Waste Assessment. All payments must now be made to the Pasco County Tax Collector. For more information click here.

For any questions about bringing trash, furniture, tires, or other items to County facilities, please call 727-857-2780. Please read our tables listed for accepted items.

Please note that the East Pasco Transfer Station does not accept commercial loads and is for residential use only. For more information about the East Pasco Transfer Station, please call 352-521-0500

Solid Waste Assessment

Title Companies/Closing Agents

The solid waste assessment is levied against the parcel and is subject to penalties and lien activity if the assessment is unpaid. It is extremely important to know that all title searches are not complete without checking for unpaid assessments with the Solid Waste Customer Service Office.

  • Residential assessments are billed a year in advance – based on calendar year – January through December
  • Commercial assessments are a calendar year assessment (calculated on a fiscal period July 1 through June 30) and paid in arrears because they are based on usage
Every improved parcel in Pasco County receives the minimum assessment, including vacant properties.



Residential parcels are billed a flat fee annually, which is included on property tax bills issued by the Pasco County Tax Collector.


Parcels that are designated as commercial (office buildings, churches, warehouses, RV parks, stores, medical facilities, etc.) receive a separate, annual bill each year generated by the Solid Waste and Resource Recovery Section of the Utilities Services Branch. Unlike residential assessments, they are billed based on the square footage of the building, multiplied by a generator factor according to the use of the structure as identified by the Property Appraiser's Office. Actual hauler records, as either supplied by the hauler or owner of the real property, may be substituted in lieu of the square footage assessment. In some cases, assessment may be based on a combination of both.

Assessment Search Form

View the Assessment Search Form (PDF). To verify Pasco County Utilities, as the correct service provider, please use PascoMapper.

Appeal Form

View the Appeal Form (PDF) that is included with the August mailing of commercial Notice of Proposed Annual Solid Waste Disposal Assessments and the November mailing of the actual bills. Low volume generators, such as businesses that use curbside pickup instead of dumpsters, may be eligible for a reduction on their assessment(s). Appeals should be filed as quickly as possible to allow time for processing of adjustments to be made prior to the actual bill. The final filing deadline to appeal a year’s commercial Solid Waste assessment is the end of January of the following year.

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