Veterans Services

As advocates for veterans, the Division's team of state accredited service officers know the extent, meaning and application of the laws passed by the U.S. Congress and the Florida Legislature, regarding veterans' benefits.

The team provides direct assistance when claims for benefits earned by military service, need to be completed and submitted to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Our team will apply specialized knowledge in the way best suited to the needs of each veteran and his or her beneficiaries.

General Information


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Assisting Veterans

The staff is familiar with laws and regulations governing federal, state and local benefits. Their ultimate goal is to obtain all benefits the client is entitled to under these laws and regulations. The staff is prepared to assist clients with all necessary paperwork in order to obtain their rightful entitlements in the shortest possible time, including appeals preparation.

Some of the services provided by the staff include but not limited to:

  • Claims preparation
  • Benefit counseling
  • Military records search
  • Appeals
The Veterans Service Staff looks forward to assisting Pasco County's veterans and their families.


Death Benefits

Pasco County honors veterans who were served through our Human Services Department’s Indigent Cremation and Burial Program within the last 90 days.

  • William Larson, DOD 2/1/2024, US Navy
  • Richard Woods, DOD 3/6/2024, US Navy/Marines
  • Timothy Towers DOD 2/12/2024, Marines
  • Salvatore Casolaro DOD 04/01/2024, Airforce
  • John Zinsmayer - DOD 3/8/2024 - US Army
  • Michael Robert Krueger DOD 04/02/2024, US Army
  • William Tucker DOD 5/8/2024, US Marines
  • Richard Walters, DOD 5/10/2024, US Army
  • Angel Reigada, DOD 6/7/2024, US Marines

Aid and Attendance

We would like to honor our veterans who are also Pasco County Team Members.

Where are the Veterans Services Offices Located?
If I have questions who should I call?
Am I eligible for outpatient treatment at the VA hospital?