January 23, 2024

We’re taking a fresh perspective on ensuring a successful future for Pasco County!  The Pasco Board of County Commissioners (BCC) approves the formation of Pasco’s Office of Strategy and Sustainability – effectively weaving a mindset of resilience and sustainability into the fabric of Pasco County’s decision-making culture.

This newly-formed team, led by Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer Dr. Marc Bellas, will position Pasco to withstand, adapt and thrive in the face of future challenges – whether they be natural disasters, pandemics, economic and financial issues, or growth – to name a few.

“This dedicated team will ensure that long-term sustainability is the objective of today’s planning,” said BCC Chair Ron Oakley.  “Our future success depends on the work they’re doing, alongside the rest of our entire Pasco team.”

The Office of Strategy and Sustainability will focus on:

  • Gaps in Resilience & Sustainability Across the County
  • Ensuring Clarity Around the Requirements for Resilience & Sustainability
  • Projects & Programs (Both underway and planned)
  • New Projects to Improve Resilience & Sustainability
  • Opportunities for Local, Regional & State Collaboration

“We have to ensure Pasco is positioned to prepare for and bounce back from anything that impacts our services,” says Pasco County Administrator Mike Carballa.  “That means planning for the future now across all our lines of business.”

The office is also charged with aggressively pursuing regional, state and federal funding for any resilience and/or sustainability-related projects.